In order for your web site to be successful, you need your web site to be hosted by a company that can and will provide quality hardware, a secure environment, reliable service and comprehensive support. Born Again Resources can provide a full range of turn key solutions to satisfy the current and future needs of your business-critical web site.

Are you receiving the quality hosting services that you and your Web site deserve? Is your site running on up-to-date technology? Are you sure your hosting company will be around in a year? Does your host have a reputation for exceptional service? At Born Again Resources we make it easy for you to find the solutions to these questions and more through our 4 step Web Site Design Process.
Steps to Your Web Site Design Process

Step 1 - Get a Domain Name
Step 2 - Rent Space for Your Web Site
Step 3 - Design Your Web Site
Step 4 - Promote Your Web Site
Step 1 - Get a Domain Name for Your Web Site Step 2 - Rent Space for Your Web Site

Your domain name is your unique address on the Internet (i.e., Choose a domain name where you want people to find your Web site and then use the Domain Search on our Domain Registration Page to see if it is available. If not, try adding a variation of you business name, but make sure your domain name relates to your core business.

When you sign up for your Web Hosting Solution (Step 2 below), you will be able to register (reserve) your domain name with us, or you can transfer an existing domain from another registrar, both at no additional charge.

Born Again Resources also allows you to purchase a domain name for $ 8.95 without purchasing a Born Again Resources Hosting Solution.

Shared - For small- to medium-size informational web sites, Shared Hosting is an affordable solution. Your site will share space on a single server with other web sites. It is the equivalent of leasing an office in a building.

- Our E-Commerce Hosting solutions allow you to sell your products and services over the Internet. These solutions provide product sales and credit card processing, if you desire, for your online store. Born Again Resources does not charge an additional fee for hosting your e-commerce's enabled we site. You will have to pay an additional "gateway" fee to your credit card processing company, or you can choose to receive your orders via secure e-mail and process them on-site at your business with your current credit card processing company.

- If you are building a more complex corporate or E-Commerce site, you will need more space. Our initial consultation will assist you in determining how much server space your web site may need.
Step 3 - Design Your Web Site Step 4 - Promote Your Web Site

Designed by Professionals - You have the option of having your Web site professionally designed by our staff or you may design it yourself using our Site Studio. Our Web Site Design Services can create anything from a one-page informational site to a more complex twenty-page E-Commerce site. Click here for our Design Pricing structure.

Self-design - To create a professional-looking web site using our Site Studio, you don't need any special knowledge or experience. The wizard-like program structure will guide you through the whole site-construction process step by step. Now you can become your own web designer, creator, or artist! You can juggle around with page layouts, colors, and themes; add various effects and much, much more; everything with a single mouse click. Within a couple of hours, you can have your site created and published on the Internet. Site Studio comes free with paid annual web site hosting and 24/7 technical support.

A good web site marketing campaign includes:

* Targeted keyword research
* Search engine friendly web design
* Copy writing and proper keyword placement
* Link popularity development
* Search engine submissions
* Maintenance and monitoring

 Search engine marketing (optimization) is copy writing, properly coding and designing your web pages so when your prospective customer queries your selected keywords, there will be a good chance that your site will achieve top search engine ranking and positioning. Our search engine marketing company has over 10 years of marketing expertise and will work to help your site achieve top search engine ranking and positioning.

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